Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jesus, You Must Be Out Of Your Mind!

Gospel: Mark 3:20-21
Jesus came with his disciples into the house.
Again the crowd gathered,
making it impossible for them even to eat.
When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him,
for they said, “He is out of his mind.” 

I've recently had some, let's call them, "discussions" on Facebook with some very passionate folks about "Feminism" and, as I saw it, attempts to define the meaning of this word.

Initially, a question was raised that brought this conversation about and, frankly, the precise question raised by a good friend of mine is not important.  What I would like to explore is something that I think can have serious ramifications on our culture. (I say "our culture" because we are IN IT...though I keep trying more and more to not be "OF IT." if you know what I mean?)

Here is what I would like to raise for your consideration: What does a faithful Christian Feminist look like?

Here are some thoughts:

Immediately, when a man brings up the conversation on Feminism in a more, let's say, "liberal setting," there  comes a shout from the gallery, "How can a man dare to share his views on Feminism?"  Frankly, this "shout" is common and just as nutty as it is common.  This is like saying, "How can a White Abolitionist dare speak of the enslaving of people of African-descent?"  This is absurd.  Case closed on that one.

Women (and men) have been misled into thinking that being Feminist must also mean being Pro-Abortion.  FALSE!  Here is a quote from one of my favorite people, Janet Smith (look her up):

“A woman who sets her rights, the supposed right to privacy or right over her own body, above the life of another human being is saying that a woman’s rights are superior to human rights. She has put herself above the human race, she has made herself the executor over life and death. Is that a woman’s right?”

On this point I like to raise the notion that we often operate under a very skewed version of "freedom."  As another one of my favorite people (now a Saint) Saint John Paul II famously said:

"Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."

This runs completely contrary to what I would label (and would like to coin forever as) an, "Insane view of freedom." that so many, so called, Feminists would celebrate.  Why do they celebrate the view that killing babies is akin to "freedom?"  Because they have lost their minds.  NOT because they are women but because they have placed their own self-centered views over and above the very lives of fellow human beings.  Don't agree with this?  Here's a statistic for you statistic minded people out there:  1 out of 3 babies conceived naturally in the womb (potential future WOMEN) have been executed since abortion was deemed, "legal."  Click here for more statistics.

The trouble with engaging anyone, these days, about these issues is that they honestly believe they can hold views like the above, not act on the views themselves, and conclude that, "since I am not the one performing the abortion...I can't take away the "right" for others to commit abortion."  Do you see the flawed logic here?  In other words, "I can know something is completely wrong...but since I am not, in fact, someone else...I can't make a determination about right and wrong for them."  To carry this logic into another setting renders this view completely ludicrous...consider: "Since I don't believe in murdering my neighbor's dog...and I am not my neighbor...I will not stop my other neighbors from killing my neighbor's dog."  I would suggest that to remove oneself from a decision in society based on the premise that, "I am not every other person in society...therefore I can't stop others from doing horrific things" will, necessarily, lead, eventually, to complete and total anarchy in a society...I would suggest that we are nearly there.

Let me suggest an alternate view.  What is good for one person is good for all...and fundamentally the first, "good" for a person is to be permitted to have a shot at life.  Is something confusing about this?  The good of any society hinges most immediately on how that society treats it's fellow members.  Does this seem off the tracks of common sense?  When I have engaged on this topic with some purporting to be, "Feminists" and they say they will vote for Hillary Clinton BECAUSE she is a woman...I turn inside out.  This is like saying, "I will vote for a man because he is a man."  Does this seem whacked out to anyone else?  Also, when pointing out flaws in logic and this very, "muddy morality" that they would like to cram down the throats of the world these "opponents of people in the womb" often claim, "You're just being so insensitive...I can't talk to you if you're going to be so insensitive."  Are you kidding me?  Insensitive?  Here's a definition of how these, "high-minded-hands-off-ers" obliterate true sensitivity: "I am sensitive to the fact that you want to kill a baby in your own's okay...there there...don't worry about it...who are we to judge you?  That's right, I will continue to protect your right to kill the person in your womb because, well, they're pretty inconvenient."  This is nothing less than the biggest lie ever presented apart from,

"You will not surely die." -Satan

What's to be done?

Pray, pray, pray, pray!!!

Continue to challenge your acquaintances/friends in a loving way...not by stepping around the issues and please. PLEASE call them on their hypocrisy. Please don't remain silent.  Of course there is a time and place for everything but don't take this to mean, "no time and no place."  It is on YOU to find the time and place.

Call them on their antics.  Let them know that YOU know that their attempts to hide the real matter at hand ARE NOT effective.  They know, we know...everyone knows that abortion is killing an innocent person.

Use reason and don't let emotion (which is typically feigned as a tactic on their part) get in the way either.  To love someone means, in part,  to tell them the truth in a respectful manner and not allow them to continue in their "emotion-bubble."  I say let them know you care...then pop the freaking bubble.  Do not be afraid!  Truth always prevails and we are servants of God...NOT servants of their emotional, "well-being."  They are forwarding an agenda that is complete and total evil.  You need to say something and stick to your "guns" of truth.

Never fail to invite people to think whether it be in person or online.  Continue raising the issues in different ways.  Don't think for a moment that sharing a post is meaningless.  Facebook, Twitter etc can be tools for our cause.  Our cause is to rescue innocent human life.  Never forget it and use all means necessary.  Stop tip-toeing around this issue...this is the reason WHY it has come to the point it has already.  Things get worse when truth is hidden...things get better when we shine a light on the problem.

Onward Pro-Life soldiers!  But one last point...don't lose your own soul (relationship with God) over any cause.  God must come first...all else should follow.  As you can see from the Gospel reading...people thought Jesus Christ was crazy (at least for a time) and for a time people may think you're crazy.  What do you care?  You are God's...God's first and foremost.  Be willing to be seen as crazy for the sake of the Gospel...for the sake of the truth.

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