Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Call for Unity ...Unity?

Dear Americans there is a problem. I've never heard the word "unity" used so many times in my life as I've heard over the last couple of days due to the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Let me suggest something: we don't know the meaning of unity and, therefore, can't achieve it.

A house divided against itself will fall. We are divided against ourselves. Sure, most people have a strong emotional response when they recall the heroic actions of many who died on 9/11. Especially when we hear songs, tributes and even prayers offered up for the victims of the attacks. I am in no way against these things and I, of course, am an American Patriot. I therefore want what is best for it is...

There is no unity among two people if they don't recognize God as their Father...let alone millions of people. We each have our own vague notions of unity but these notions have no foot in reality...mostly just talk about a "nice idea."

Want real unity in America and in the rest of the world. Love as God loves...serve as God serves. Give your own life for the sake of others and stop chattering about it until you do.

Many good tributes have been written about the victims and their families but my stand alone favorite was from our own Pope Benedict XVI Click Here for his thoughts on 9/11. His appeal here says it far better than I can. Want peace? Reject violence. In order to reject violence even between brothers we need to be equipped to truly love the person next door. If we can't~ we won't. I suggest we all pray that we would be converted to love our enemies and pray for those that hate us...and seek to persecute us.

Let there be peace~ beginning with me.