Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Death of a Friend

The Death of a Friend

You are once again sitting and talking and laughing about something you can no longer remember. Who was sitting in which chair? You think back…it’s difficult. Wanting to go deeper into memory here, to feel it’s movement and heaviness. To hear the vibration of voice and tone of color but you turned your head too soon. The reflection only lasts for light seconds on the surface of things. Your hands and heart can’t hold them there. Quickly dancing off. You went to the refrigerator, so mundane, grabbed two beers and returned to find the darkest of rooms and the emptiest of chairs. You turn and leave.

It has been said that death is nothing to fear. It has been said that death is, “just a natural part of life.” Try convincing the dead of these, “truths.” It is much easier for a man to describe things of history with a certain careless air. Having nothing to do with the actual time or season…being neither warm or cold on our skin but held so safely behind museum cases. Delighted in from the, easy-chair-distance of life. Reflecting precious little on where our souls are headed from here, and with that, how tremendously soon we leave our bodies behind.

Many reason that since we have little say in the matter, or the manner of our own deaths that it makes little sense to give it further thought. So says the one that agrees with the, “death is a natural part of life,” mentality. Many have already stopped reading and have gone on about their lives, uncertain. Preferring to continue dash headlong into the darkness…saving for a temporal retirement and possibly wasting an eternity.

You, who are wise, return to the darkest of rooms and the emptiest of chairs. Turning on the small light in the corner of the room. Take your seat in the chair where your friend was sitting the last time. The last time, yes, realize this could be your last time. It is hard at first to get past the chill you feel in your flesh in the sickening stillness. You marvel how time seems neither long or short. It seems like yesterday, yet so long ago. Time disappears as you consider that a day has just gone by. Do you blame yourself for missing it? You should avoid being too hard on yourself. You’ve made it this far, though imperfectly, it is a worthwhile thought and you should be congratulated for reflecting more deeply than the majority of souls. A strange thought now occurs to you. You wish that you could have warned your friend to be more thoughtful, and careful. A desire so strong to raise a warning comes far too late. Yet you remain in this room pressing against your desire to leave. After all, you left so soon after it happened~ you know now is as good a time as any to remain.

There is nothing you can do for your friend now, except if you are so inclined, to pray for their soul. Advice coming from you is no longer of any value. If he could, it should be your friend, you realize, who should be warning you. But the impassable veil has been pulled between you and will only be re-opened at the hour of YOUR death. It is hard to get past the fact that even memories are difficult to recall in their entirety…just bits and pieces…fragments and flashes. O dear friend! Irreplaceable friend. I can’t get close to you.

From where you sit you rise, turn out the light and go the refrigerator. The bottles from the beer you wanted to share are gone…just orange-juice left. In fact even the picture on the wall of the two of you is fading.

Will you reflect more on your life? Will you honor your friend by making more of your life? Or will you, like the mindless hoards, fail to consider your own soul? Will you neglect your own eternity? Will you simply replace this forgotten treasure with more wasted hours and days? Today might be your last.

Another thought, since it is impossible to know the hour and time we will die it is also reasonable to assume that we are not the ones who can pick and choose the way we should live. If you have forgotten God, Whom you know in your soul is waiting for your whole-hearted return. His desire to embrace you fills and consumes the universe. You are of eternal value~ Become a true daughter or son of God. This life is but a breath. Care enough for yourself to seek the Truth you’ve been neglecting. Let your friend be a constant reminder to you~ You are called to be a child of heaven...a child of God. Anything less than His fullness is meaningless. You have my sincere prayers. Thanks for reading.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."
Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology
Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC)