Monday, November 22, 2010

Change of Heart

Recently I was listening to an elderly man speak about his life. It was clear to me in the words that he spoke that there was a great deal of pain and regret. Like a battle scarred veteran who had been through it all and seen it all and had the wounds to show for it. He walked with a cane and to walk was difficult, yet, he was still able to stand and move ahead. Like many people he had been carrying a heavy load; a load of pain, anger, resentment and unforgivness in his heart. Even with his enemy seemingly long gone and forgotten by many, his real enemy had become more real and powerful with each passing year. I was able to witness, in this man, what can only be described as a change of heart; a healing of heart~ Nothing short of a miracle.

What brought about this change? Without venturing into all the details, basically, this man had been listening, with us, to a series of presentations that had taken place over several weeks. He had heard, for perhaps the first time, that God is not merely a far-off, unreachable entity of frightening and exacting perfection but a loving caring Father who simply wants “The Best” for His children. The thing that moved him the most was understanding that an encounter, a meeting with God was and is possible NOW in this present moment. And most importantly that this is something God has clearly demonstrated that He desires too. This man truly had an encounter with God and shared that, though he doesn’t fully understand it, God had changed his heart. This man said he has been more joyful, lighthearted and friendly even in his old age. "Happier than ever," are his exact words.

On the surface one could reason that there was nothing spectacular about this happening to “some old man.” But there is truly something to the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Had this man not learned how to live in eighty plus years? Had he not had enough experience to teach him? On many levels, yes, he had learned a great deal but perhaps had not yet learned the most valuable lesson and that is: God wants each one of us and wants to change our hearts. God wants to share in your life and lead you into greater joy and peace than you ever thought possible. Sound too “pie in the sky?” Sound too good to be true? Sure, anyone can be cynical but who is willing to reconsider the possibility that God, Our Father, has a plan for everyone and wants everyone to know Him intimately? It is true and can happen to you. Want to be happy? Want to be fulfilled? Want to learn to love and truly forgive? If you’re reading this it isn’t too late. Your real life can begin today.

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