Monday, June 29, 2009

Is the Day Gray or Blue?

Depending on where a person stands~ the sky can be blue or gray. Their view is dependent on what their eyes happen to see at that present moment. This concept is not difficult to understand. We know that weather changes and we are subject to the elements. The same is true for many things like political, racial, social, historical events. All another way of saying there are two sides to every story...and in reality there are often more than merely two sides. We may feel very strongly, in many cases, in favor of one side or another and this is common the world over. We identify most with the side we're on.

The same concept above is not always applicable in every situation. Is it? Imagine a mother who chooses to leave her child in a dumpster or in a field to die because she doesn't want to be responsible for him. We all would know that this is wrong and could hardly find ourselves, "supporting" such a decision. Nearly every human being on the planet, if asked, "Was the mother's decision right or wrong?" would undoubtedly say, "Wrong." Certain streams of reality run much deeper than others.

Getting back to the subject of weather we know that "weather" is present within the atmosphere of our planet. If a person enters a rocket ship and flies straight up through the atmosphere there will be a point where weather is no longer present yet it is common on Earth. If you've ever flown through a storm you'll understand this very easily. On the ground it is raining, you go through some bumps and can't see a thing outside your window...then suddenly the sun comes out, the sky is blue again and you see the clouds beneath you. Your perspective is relative to your position.

Getting back to the mother and child. There isn't a way to "fly above" this situation. Where can she go once her child has died to escape her terrible decision? She could live where it is sunny or where it constantly rains and nothing will change her internal life. The majority of people will never experience a situation as grave as this mother. However, there are lesser decisions that we make, daily, that can also serve to deeply affect our hearts and minds. There is an unseen portion of the human person, a divine part, that tells us that lying is wrong, that cheating is wrong, that cowardice is wrong. There is a place within each of us, a conscience, that exists and stands "above" our particular cultural or social norms. There is an absolute sense of right and wrong within each of us that can have a variety of specific differences the world over. In some cultures it is seen as admirable to kill a lion with a spear and carry it's head back to the village on said spear...people in the U.S. might not "support" such a practice and even vehemently oppose it. Yet in some areas of the world, specifically where there are lions, and lions are a threat to life and property of loved ones...we can see, "how someone might think differently." However, our basic appreciation for bravery or courage doesn't change...we merely express the same character trait, in this case bravery, in various ways.

Is the day gray? Yes. Blue? Yes. But something runs much deeper in the human heart and soul regardless of where a person lives. Something much deeper calls us to goodness and truth~ to compassion and mercy~ to love to the degree that we are able to love. We are all called to identify and "be good" (to quote E.T.) to one another..this goes beyond culture..this goes far above the weather.

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